Are you Affiliated with any Associations or Conventions?
No, We are an independent, autonomous local body of believers not held to any organization’s standards but to God and the bible

how did you start your church?
Our church was started after realizing the need for a local independent king James dispensational church in the HOOKSETT area. pastor jeff smith started Liberty Bible baptist church after being a member, a youth pastor and a song leader for 8 years

When Did your church start?
March 12, 2017

Are your song services modern or traditional?
We believe that services should follow the “old Paths”. we don’t consider them “traditions” but rather sound in the faith. we sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

what Version of bible should i bring?
We believe the only pure and perfect bible for english speaking people is the king james bible. this is the bible we believe to be the words of god and will be the only bible for reading, teaching and preaching, whether from the pulpit or in our classes


How Can I Give to LBBC online?